Athletic Trainer, RSH/Mason Gross

Education/Degrees: BS, William Paterson University

Bio: Hollie obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with concentrations in athletic training and exercise physiology from William Paterson University. She is a licensed athletic trainer by the AT committee of the Board of Medical Examiners. She has spent her entire career training and coaching athletes of all levels. After working at corporate fitness for several years, Hollie became the Director of Body Tech’s Personal Training Program and the AdvantEdge Sports Performance School, where she dedicated her time to build the personal training program and develop the AdvatEdge Sport Performance School. Hollie has been at Rutgers since 2009 where she primarily worked with Rutgers Sports Clubs. In 2013, she joined the Mason Gross School of the Arts Program, which provides quality, state-of-the-art methods for the prevention of injuries, outstanding care, treatment, rehabilitation of injuries, and referral procedures in the event of a student becomes injured or ill. As an athletic trainer, Hollie works under the supervision and in direct consultation with the Rutgers Student Health Sports Medicine physician with the aim of fielding healthy dancers and athletes.