Health Technician II

Education/Degrees: LPN, Middlesex County Technical School

Bio: Wendy is a licensed practicing nurse since 2007. Prior to coming to Rutgers Student Health, she has held multiple roles within Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and other facilities which utilized her license, experience and skills. Her areas of expertise include; Infusion Therapy, Sub-Acute Care Skilled Nursing, Interventional Radiology, Surgical and Ambulatory Care Nursing. Wendy has certifications in IV Placement and Mediport Access, Phlebotomy, EKG, Basic Life Support, Wound Care and Alzheimer/ Dementia. Wendy joined the Rutgers Student Health Team in 2019 and is based at the Hurtado Health Center. Outside of work, Wendy is an adventurist with a love for scuba diving, running, hiking, outdoor summer/winter activities, as well as spending time with family. Wendy believes in having a balanced lifestyle for the body, mind, and spirit and thinks it’s important to motivate patients to live an active lifestyle while leading by example.