We want you to feel comfortable at Rutgers Health Services (RHS) and to trust that RHS safeguards the privacy and security of your healthcare information. We reinforce this fundamental commitment to confidentiality through management/staff training and educational programs. Every RHS staff member signs a confidentiality agreement, which legally binds them to maintain all matters as strictly confidential. Federal and State confidentiality practices maintain strict security controls over patient health information.

For a full description of how health information about you may be used or disclosed, please see the Notice of Privacy Practices.

E-Mail Communication

To help ensure privacy, patients are cautioned against sending sensitive, detailed personal information to RHS via regular (non-secure) e-mail. Patients who wish to communicate with their Providers via email are encouraged to sign up to use the secure email system, which allows communication directly within the health care system between the Patient and the Provider. The sign up process is simple and can be accomplished by going to the RHS website link. You will be prompted for your “user name” and “password”.