Health Records

Every time a health care Provider at Rutgers Student Health (RSH) has an encounter with you either during an appointment, on the telephone, or through email, that information is documented in the health record.  Health records at RSH are maintained in an electronic format, which is called an electronic health record (EHR). The EHR is maintained and protected under high security standards and provides a legible and easily accessible format for your health information. The staff at RSH receives special training to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your health records, which are protected by federal (e.g., HIPAA and FERPA) and state laws (e.g., data breach notification laws, health codes, privacy laws, health care professional licensure requirements).

Release of Health Records

We want everyone to feel comfortable seeking the care needed without worrying about privacy issues. All medical care and counseling at RSH is confidential. Health records are separate from all other records, including academic records. Released information to anyone, including parents, is protected by Federal/State privacy laws. For a full description of how health information about you may be used or disclosed, please see the Notice of Privacy Practices.

If you wish to receive a copy of your health records, or to disclose health information to others, a request for this release must be made in writing. This request can be can be made electronically, at the Front Desk of all RSH facilities, or you can use the Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information Form.

RSH does not charge a fee for copies of health records that are sent directly to another health care Provider for treatment, or for copies of immunizations. Fees may apply for other requests for release of health information; these fees will not exceed those allotted by NJ law. Please inquire regarding costs at the time of your request.

If you would like to review your health records with your RSH Provider, you can schedule an appointment with them to do so.