The College Support Program (CSP) supports Rutgers University students on the autism spectrum as they begin, continue and prepare to graduate from the University. It is a comprehensive program that assists students through the provision of direct service and collaboration with University services that address executive functioning, social competence, academic skills, self-care, self-advocacy, and career preparation.

"This program has given me the opportunity to be a part of a great group of people. I am fortunate enough to learn more about autism and become more aware of the topic. This opportunity is once in a lifetime and I am learning more every day." - LaShawn Adams '15, Peer Mentor

Campus Partners

The CSP works collaboratively with Rutgers University’s Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Disability Services, Academic Deans, Learning Centers, Counseling Center (CAPS), Career Services, Student Employment,  Residence Life, Student Life, Deans of Students, program advisors, faculty (as needed), and more.


For a contact list of our Campus Partners, please click here.

What the CSP Offers

  • Weekly meetings with the coordinator
  • Assistance with defining academic, organizational, and life goals
  • Strategies to meet identified goals
  • Trained Peer Mentors
  • Social events
  • Parent workshops
  • Referrals and follow-up with academic and support services
  • Referrals for psychotherapy or counseling when requested


Services Through the CSP also Include:

  • Identifying and using social skills appropriate for university and adult life
  • Individualized orientation to navigating campus transportation
  • Accessing campus resources
  • Learning to reside with room- and floor-mates
  • Managing life skills (e.g., domestic, banking, hygiene)
  • Participating in on- and off-campus activities
  • Managing academic coursework
  • Planning and preparing for employment
"The experience of being a peer mentor was not what I expected, it was better." - Michael Nanfara '14, Peer Mentor

Application Process

Admittance to the CSP requires its own process, including the completion of a CSP application, intake forms, and an in-person family interview, as well as the provision of CSP contacts with references. The CSP admission process is separate from the Rutgers University admission process. Automatic registration is not a guarantee.The CSP program fee is in addition to Rutgers University tuition costs and student fees.

If you feel you can benefit from the CSP, please complete our Program Application to begin the process. Applicants are encouraged to apply at any time.


Interested in being a CSP Mentor?

"I think this is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. Doing this has solidified what I'm going to college for and what I want to do with the rest of my life." - Kimberly Hanks '16, Peer Mentor

If you are a current Rutgers University student and interested in becoming a peer mentor, please complete the peer mentor application or email Courtney Butler at

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"The College Support Program surpassed our expectations! Our son has the most appropriate support for his anxiety and learning challenges since the starte of his college career in 2008. The coordinator identified his issues and created appropriate strategies to address them. She was effective and tireless! The peer mentor program was also very successful for him. In the past, we relied on a tutor for a "point of performace" person, but here at Rutgers, the peer mentors served the same function while not making him feel frustrated about needing so much professional support. We are very grateful for the progress you have helped our son achieve! Thank you!" - Karen K., Parent/Guardian
CSP Autism Spectrum Group Photo
CSP Autism Spectrum Group Photo
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