Pharmacies are located within all 3 Health Centers. Just like your neighborhood drug store, we offer full pharmacy and retail services to students, faculty, and staff. In addition to getting your prescription filled, you can receive medication counseling from registered pharmacists and purchase a number of products including over-the-counter-medications, vitamins, safer sex products, and personal care products.


Rutgers Student Health Pharmacies fill prescriptions for students, faculty, and staff and accept prescriptions from both our providers and outside providers.

If you’re new to Rutgers Student Health, please bring a printed and completed Pharmacy Patient Information Form.

Please note that prescriptions may take up to 72 hours to fill, depending on what the pharmacy has in stock.

To fill a prescription you can:

  • Drop it off in person.
  • Have your health care provider submit it electronically or call it in.

To refill a prescription, you can make a request in person or call it in.

When calling for a refill, have your prescription number available (it’s located on your medication label).

Not sure if you have any refills left? It will be noted on your prescription label, or you can call us to confirm.

If you are out of refills, get a new written prescription from your provider or provide us with your provider’s name, and phone number, the medication name, and the prescription number, and we will contact the provider for a renewal.

If you are transferring your prescription to Rutgers Student Health, please provide us with

  • The outside pharmacy’s name, phone number and location
  • The RX# and drug name

We will then call the outside pharmacy to have your prescription transferred.


If you’re transferring your prescription from us, please have the outside pharmacy call us at 848-932-8033 with

  • Your name
  • The prescription number and drug name


We accept most major prescription plans. You can call us at 848-932-8033 to determine if your plan is accepted.

We also accept:
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Bursar Billing

Flex Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted forms of payment.

Keep a photo of your insurance card (front and back) saved in your phone!)
Never share prescription drugs! If it doesn't have your name on it, don't take it.