FAQs re Eligibility and Fees for Using Health Services on Campus and Insurance Billing for Full-time Students

Can I still be seen at RHS even though I waived out the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and Rutgers Health Services does not participate with my health insurance plan? If so, will I incur additional expenses for services provided?

You certainly can be seen in the Health Centers. Rutgers Health Services will submit a claim to your health insurance plan as an out-of-network provider. Your visits will be covered even if payment is denied by your health insurance plan. You will only be responsible to pay for items that Rutgers Health Services does not cover.

What Rutgers Health Services items or services are not covered?

The following items or services are not covered: Immunizations, screening TB skin testing, allergy injections and medications. Also, note that you or your insurance company is responsible for charges of referrals and consultations to health care providers outside of Rutgers Health Services.

How do I pay for uncovered services?

You will receive a bill in the mail. Following instructions, you may pay by check or credit card. For electronic credit card payment, click here.

I have to pay a co-pay when I go to my doctor at home? Are co-pays required for me at Rutgers Health Services?

Co-pays are required, but we utilize your health fee to pre-pay these co-pays, as well as deductibles.

How are purchases at the Rutgers Pharmacy handled?

Pharmacy purchases may be paid for through a Prescription Plan or out of pocket. A Prescription Plan may or may not be included in your health insurance plan and often requires a special prescription card. The Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy participates in many Prescription Plans. If the Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy does not participate in your plan, you will be responsible for your purchase.

I need an x-ray. Can this be done on campus and is this a covered service?

Rutgers Health Services does not perform x-rays on campus. You will be provided with a referral to a local Radiology Group or facility. Claims submissions to your insurance company and payment are dealt with by the Radiology Group. If the claim is denied by the insurance company, you will be responsible for payment. Please be sure to check your insurance plan’s benefits to determine if you will be responsible for co-insurance or deductibles.

I was seen at Rutgers Health Services and blood tests were ordered. Will I be billed for the tests?

No, you will not be billed for most blood tests ordered by one of Rutgers healthcare providers. The University covers lab tests ordered at our Health Centers.

My private doctor or specialist wants me to get blood tests while I am on campus at Rutgers. Can I get these tests done on campus?

Rutgers Health Services utilizes Quest Diagnostics for its laboratory work. Just bring your doctor’s requisition form or prescription with the correct codes and your insurance information. You may come to Hurtado Health Center Laboratory area daily Monday-Friday from 8:30AM – 3:00PM to have your blood drawn. No appointment is needed.
Quest Diagnostics will submit a claim to your insurance company and results will go directly to your doctor. If Quest does not participate with your insurance plan, Rutgers Health Services staff can help you find a local drawing station for a laboratory that accepts your insurance or we will draw your blood and the policy holder will receive a bill from Quest Diagnostics.

I have private health insurance and have a problem that would cause me great difficulty should my parents see that a claim was submitted to the insurance company. What can I do?

We understand that this will happen from time to time and have built in mechanisms to handle this for you. Please speak with your provider or our Front Desk Office Supervisor about your specific concerns.

I want to see a therapist. Will there be any charges or will my insurance be billed?

We do not charge or submit claims to insurance companies for Psychological Counseling or the Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program.