FAQs Regarding the Hard Waiver Student Insurance Program

How is Health Insurance different from the Health Fee included in the College Fees on my student bill each semester?

All full-time students are required to pay a student health fee as part of the College Fees. This fee helps cover the myriad of health services provided on campus including medical, mental health, pharmacy, health education, immunization compliance, laboratory testing, miscellaneous items to care for minor student accidents and other programs to help maintain the health and well being of Rutgers students. Health insurance gives students access to services not available at Rutgers or when the students are away from campus and covers a portion of the cost for services not provided at Rutgers Health Services, such as hospitalization, required surgery or specialty services for illnesses or injuries.

Can I utilize Rutgers Health Services on campus if I waive the out of the University sponsored Health Insurance Plan?
Yes, all registered students (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible to utilize the Health and Counseling Centers on campus.

Do I need a referral from Rutgers Health Services before I go for treatment outside of Rutgers?
Referrals may be required depending upon the student’s insurance policy.  A referral from Rutgers Health Services is not required with the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. If a student goes to an off-campus medical provider, the student will be responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and any portion of the bill not covered by the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.