The staff below are members of the Executive Leadership Group.

Image:Dr.Melodee LAsky

Melodee Lasky, M.D.

Executive Director

Melodee Lasky, M.D., is responsible for providing leadership and vision for Rutgers Health Services.  She served as Director of Health Services at Hurtado, prior to accepting her current position as the Executive Director of Rutgers Health Services in 2004.  She is Board Certified in Family Practice and continues to see patients.

Image:Bonnie Abedini

Bonnie R. Abedini, MSN, RN

Director, Quality & Compliance

Bonnie Abedini, MSN, RN, is responsible for the development and implementation of a system wide Quality Program, which ensures that Health Services meets all Federal/State laws and regulations and health care accreditation requirements.  In addition, she has the added responsibility to make sure that the organization maintains security, safety, and high standards of patient care.  Bonnie conducts ongoing surveys to determine patient satisfaction with the Health Services staff, access to care, timeliness of services, and clinical care outcomes.  She is also responsible for assuring that all staff maintains patient privacy and confidentiality, and oversees the HIPAA compliant release of the patients’ health care information.

Image:Kathleen Appleby

Kathleen Appleby, RPh

Chief Pharmacist

Kathleen Appleby is responsible for both the business and professional management of the Rutgers Health Center Pharmacy located at Hurtado Health Center, and the telepharmacy satellites located at the Busch-Livingston and Willets Health Centers.  She provides information and guidance to other health professionals regarding drug information and possible drug interactions.  She is also a preceptor for the sixth year pharmacy extern students

Image:Rose Bartley

Rose Bartley

Health Services Clinical Front Desk Supervisor

Rose Bartley is responsible for all Front Desk operations for medical and CAPS locations, including supervision of reception, appointment and health records staff and management of front office procedures and day-to-day administrative operations.

Image:Lynn Fryer

Lynn Fryer, MSN, APN

Associate Director of Health Services

Lynn Fryer is the Associate Director of Rutgers Health Services. She has been a Nurse Practitioner since 2000 and has a passion for adolescent health, women’s health and LGBT health. She was promoted to the position of Associate Health Center Director in April 2010. As Associate Health Center Director, Lynn coordinates the scheduling for the three Health Centers and manages the Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Health Technicians at Rutgers Health Services.

Aida Martin

Aida Martin, MHA

Associate Director, Finance & Administration

Aida Martin is a graduate of Rutgers University.  She provides operational and financial leadership for all administrative activities of Rutgers Health Service, including human resources, pharmacy, information technology, facilities, contract management, and budget and purchasing functions.

image:Francesca Maresca

Francesca M. Maresca, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Health Outreach, Promotion and Education (H.O.P.E.)

Francesca M. Maresca, Ph.D., is responsible for the dissemination of health and wellness information to the entire Rutgers community. Dr. Maresca coordinates peer education, assesses the health and wellness of students, sits on a number of University-wide committees including Community Approaches to Suicide Prevention, LGBTQ Task Force, Diversity Council and Alcohol Policy, and is adjunct faculty for the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

Image:Jill Richards

Jill Richards, Psy.D.

Director, CAPS

Chicago School of Professional Psychology (CSPP-Chicago). Dr. Richards is responsible for providing leadership and oversight to all aspects of Counseling, ADAP & Psychiatric Services (CAPS). Special interests include culturally sensitive, integrated, evidence based mental health care; professional identity development through the lifespan; and young adult struggles with severe mental health concerns.

Image:Joseph Rudawski

Joseph G. Rudawski, Jr.

Assistant Director of Information Technology

Joseph Rudawski serves as the primary liaison for information technology related activities and the overall integration of programs and products within Rutgers Health Services.   He collaborates and advises all Rutgers Health Services Departments on technology needs and enhancements. He is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for health care informatics, including Medicat, pharmacy and laboratory systems. He is chair of the Information Technology Committee and works closely with Quality and Compliance as the HIPAA Security Officer for Rutgers Health Services and Occupational Health.