We are partners in your health care and advocates for your well-being.  Our Providers come to us with a wide range of training, expertise, and personal and professional experiences.  They all undergo a formal process of appointment to the Rutgers Student Health staff, as well as a thorough credentialing process which establishes the Providers’ background and competence through verification of current licensure, relevant education, training, experience, clinical and ethical performance, and attestation to good health.

The Providers at RSH consist of Physicians, who are Board Certified and specialize in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Sports Medicine; Advance Practice Nurses, who are Registered Nurses with graduate education/training and who are certified in Family Medicine, Adult Medicine, or Women’s Health; Psychiatrists with expertise in Adolescent Medicine; Psychologists, who are licensed in the State of New Jersey; and, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors, also licensed in the State of New Jersey, who have specialized training in substance use and abuse counseling.