Commitment to Quality

Rutgers Student Health/New Brunswick (RSH/NB) is committed to providing high quality services that are confidential, cost-effective, sensitive to the diverse needs of individuals, responsive to the ever-changing needs of patients, and convenient. We continue to challenge ourselves to exceed standards of excellence through quality improvement programs in all departments, continuing education for staff, annual performance evaluations, patient feedback/surveys, and working with campus and community partners.


Rutgers Student Health/New Brunswick is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  AAAHC accreditation means that we participate in on-going self-evaluation, peer review and education to continuously improve our care and services.  RSH/NB also commits to a thorough on-site survey by AAAHC surveyors, who are themselves, health care professionals, at least every three years.  (AAAHC is a nationally recognized accrediting body –

Patient Satisfaction

RSH/NB strives to respond to suggestions and opportunities for improvement from patients about quality of care provided, quality of services rendered, safety issues or any other concern in a timely manner. We strongly encourage patients to express their concerns and view this as an opportunity to improve and enhance the quality of care and services provided.

Patients have a variety of options to express suggestions/concerns. Patients can:

  • Complete a satisfaction survey; surveys may be done on-line (via email) or on site, and are conducted at a minimum biannually by RSH/NB.
  • Contact RSH/NB at
  • Contact the Director, Quality & Compliance at or 848-932-7402.
  • Participate in an on-site student satisfaction survey; on-site surveys are conducted biannually by RSH.
  • Place comments/suggestions in any of the on-site confidential suggestion boxes located at RSH/NB Healthcare Facilities.

The Quality Department works with numerous committees within RSH/NB to continuously assess and improve the quality of care, service, and competence of our staff. These committees are: the Patient Care Review Committee, the Quality Assurance Committee, the Environmental Health & Safety Committee, the Medical Services Committee, the MD/APN Committee, the Joint Pharmacy Committee, the Credentialing & Privileging Committee, the Professional Development Committee, the Emergency Management Committee, and the Executive Leadership Committee.