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Below you will find links to videos (created by our sports medicine staff) to assist you in your home rehabilitation program.

Proper Posture and Body Alignment:

Proper backpack usage

proper computer station posture

Proper lifting technique

Proper reading posture


Hand, Wrist, and Elbow:

Finger strengthening/range of motion

Finger tendon strengthening exercises

Hand strengthening/range of motion exercises

Tricep strengthening exercises

Wrist extension/flexion stretch

Wrist extension with ulnar/radial deviation

Wrist extension/flexion stretch

Wrist warm up


Ankle and Foot:

Ankle ABC

Ankle dorsiflexion

Ankle theraband internal rotation

Plantar flexion with theraband

Ankle-stretch hand resistance

Ankle-stretch hand resistance

Ankle stretches

Balance/calf exercises

Carioca maneuver


Heel raises

Internal/external ankle rotation with theraband

Lateral hop

Lateral slide


Hip and Knee:

Compression roll IT band

Foam roller gluteal/hamstring

Foam roller hamstring

Foam roller hip flexor

Foam roller lateral thigh/IT band

Hip flexer stretch

Laying-down iliotibial stretch

Patella self-mobilization

Prone quadricep stretch

Knee isometric strengthening exercise

Standing hamstring stretch

Standing IT band stretch

Standing quadricep stretch

Straight leg raise

Supine hamstring stretch

Terminal knee extension



Shoulder active range-of-motion exercises

Active scapular protraction maneuver

Assisted internal rotation

Empty can stretch

Shoulder extensions

Internal rotation: side-lying position

External shoulder rotation stretch

High row

Internal/external shoulder rotations


Lifting bar

Lower shoulder pull

Modified press-up

Pendulum exercises

Shoulder rotation

Wall ball

Wall crawl



Neck active range-of-motion exercises

Neck active range-of-motion exercises with resistance


Back and Core:

Abdominal draw-in maneuver 

General core stretches

Isometric rectus abdominus contraction

Knee-to-chest maneuver

Lumbar rotation maneuver

Partial crunch with ball assist

Partial curl

Prone extension

Prone partial extension

Prone press-up

Transversus abdominus draw-in