Virtual workshops will be added to this page as they are made available. We also offer videos for students to view as well as informational handouts to download.

RBHS professional students are welcome to attend workshops. For clinical services, RBHS students should reach out to the Rutgers – University Behavioral Healthcare:

Student Wellness Program
242 Old New Brunswick Road
Piscataway, NJ
(732) 235-5930 and (732) 235-5933

CAPS: Music Mondays AKA Beat Break

Weekly Mondays through 5/31

4:30-5:30 pm

This is a workshop that uses music as a tool to help assist participants in stretching their distress tolerance. The process helps participants use the art of breath to self-regulate while being stretched emotionally through music.

Join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 982 5997 3096

Password: 633260

CAPS: Coping with COVID

Weekly Wednesdays through 6/2

4:00-5:00 pm

A place to discuss and process the experience of managing life during a pandemic. Receive strategies to better manage the world around you; be it academic, family, or other things you encounter on a personal level.

Join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 939 9228 8348

Password: 853678

CAPS: Sense of Self

Weekly Thursdays through 5/27

3:30-4:30 pm

This workshop is designed to help participants develop self-soothing techniques through the use of sensory stimulation and mindfulness. The workshop will focus on a different sense each week, and after six weeks, it will recycle. Week one will introduce the concept of sensory stimulation for soothing, and each subsequent week will focus on a different sense each week.

Join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 952 9742 8235

Password: 901300

HOPE Wellness Coaching

Is there a part of your life that could use a kick start or an accountability partner?

HOPE is now providing Wellness Coaching sessions with Peer Coaches and certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) Behavior Change Specialists.

What is a Wellness Coach? 

A wellness coach is someone who helps you focus on your present situation and guides you in identifying solutions towards your future wellness goals. The idea is that you are the expert on your own life and the coach is there to assist you.

Coaches are NOT counselors.

Click here to learn more.