Health and Immunization Requirements for new and transfer students are customized based upon the New Jersey health requirements for higher education and school/program needs.

Rutgers Immunization Portal

All health and immunization requirements and forms are found on the Rutgers Immunization Portal (  This secure portal provides a central location for students to find and report the information needed to fulfill these requirements.  Select Rutgers from the dropdown and then login in to the Rutgers’ Portal using your netid and password. On the site you will:

  • Complete the Mandatory Health Form
  • Download Immunization Record Form
  • Upload the immunization record once it has been completed and signed by a healthcare professional
  • Enter dates of your immunizations or lab tests
  • Get a copy of your immunization record

All information will be verified. Unsubstantiated entries will be rejected.

Summary of Health and Immunization Requirements

  1. Mandatory Health Form:
    • This online form contains information mandated by the state, needed to help categorize requirements, and some basic information about the student that will help us better care for the student on campus should the need arise.
  1. Immunization Record:
    • Immunization requirements vary based on the needs of each school/program. .
    • To download the immunization packet, students go to the Rutgers Immunization Portal  and click on the box for the school in which they are enrolled.

The table below provides and overview of the categories and requirements.  More detailed information about the requirements and requested immunization data is found in the immunization packets on the portal.

Rutgers University Student Immunization General Requirement Chart
Students participating in clinical activities and/or risk of exposure to blood or potentially infectious body fluids (Categories 1,2, 3) General RU Student Population (Category 4)
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
2 doses of vaccine or serologic proof of immunity
Meningococcal meningitis ACYW
At least 1 dose after the age of 16 or within 5 years of the original vaccine
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing REQUIRED REQUIRED*
Hepatitis B
Vaccination and Titer
Annual dose of vaccine in the fall
2 doses of vaccine or serologic proof of immunity
Primary series plus Tdap booster
Full Immunization record of all vaccinations The entire immunization record with both required and non-required immunization is requested. This information becomes important in cases of an outbreak, students seeking additional vaccinations on campus and for travel such as study abroad.
*Required for students at high risk for TB; (listed on the Immunization Record)
** For student taking 12 or more credits
***Required if residing in University student housing
• Grades/transcripts will be withheld if the immunization requirement for MMR is not met.
• If residing in University student housing, you will not receive your room assignment or key on move-in day until the immunization requirement for meningococcal vaccination is met.
• Students with clinical activities may not begin, if requirements are not met.

Please note: Requirements do not apply to students enrolled in programs with only online courses.


Exemptions from immunization requirements maybe requested only for specific Religious or Medical reasons.  Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are not automatic.  To request an exemption, please click on the link found on the instruction page of the Rutgers Immunization Portal

Download the Pre-Entrance Immunization Packet here.

*For questions regarding Immunizations / Immunization Forms, please call us at 848-932-7402 or email us at