The following immunizations are required for all Rutgers University students:


All students born after 1956 are required to have received either 2 doses of MMR (or 2 doses of each individual measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine), or a positive blood test for immunity to each disease.  The first vaccination must have been given no earlier than one year of age, and administration of the second dose must be separated from the first by at least 30 days.

Meningococcal Vaccination

Required for all undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students who are new to Rutgers University AND are new to University housing.  The CDC recommends a booster dose (additional) if it has been 5 years or more since your 1st dose.

Tuberculosis Skin Testing (PPD or Mantoux)

Required for all incoming students attending the University on non-immigrant visas who were born or grew up in a country with a high prevalence of tuberculosis.  Testing must have been done within 6 months of attending Rutgers and, if the test is positive, a chest x-ray must have been done and results of the x-ray submitted.

Hepatitis B

3 dose series required for all students taking 12 or more credits.

Also see the Pre-Entrance Immunization Record.


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