Mission Statement & Commitment to Quality

Mission Statements

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are fundamental to student success. We promote and nurture holistic health and wellness in our students and within the broader campus community. We provide and support initiatives that connect health and wellness to the academic and personal achievement of our students.

Rutgers Student Health (RSH)

The mission of Rutgers Student Health is to offer healthcare for the whole student body, mind, and spirit. In support of the Rutgers University and Student Affairs missions, we provide health and wellness services, education, and leadership designed to ensure student success, academic progression and graduation. We educate university students individually as well as collectively on healthcare and wellness in order to enhance the success of the student and community alike.

Diversity Statement

Student Health follows the Rutgers Student Affairs Diversity Statement and incorporates it in its work. View the diversity statement here.

Commitment to Quality

Rutgers Student Health is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This accreditation is an example of our commitment to providing the highest quality of care for our students and the same quality of overall business operations. We continue to challenge ourselves to exceed standards of excellence through a process of assessment and quality improvement.

Patient Satisfaction

RSH strives to respond to suggestions and opportunities for improvement from patients about the quality of care provided, the quality of services rendered, safety issues, or any other concerns in a timely manner. We strongly encourage patients to express their concerns and view this as an opportunity to improve and enhance the quality of care and services provided.
Patients have a variety of options to express suggestions/concerns. Patients can:

  • Complete a satisfaction survey. Surveys may be done online (via email) or on site, and are conducted at a minimum biannually by RSH.
  • Contact the Director of Student Health Quality and Compliance at qualityrhs@echo.rutgers.edu or 848-932-7402.
  • Place comments or suggestions in any of the on-site confidential suggestion boxes located at our RSH facilities.

The Quality Department works to continuously assess and improve the quality of care, service, staff excellence, and impact and the value of our health and wellness services for the students and campus community.