Sexual Health

We encourage students to contact us with questions regarding sexual or reproductive health, even if they are not yet sexually active or choose to abstain.

Safer Sex

Safer sex is about more than staying healthy. It includes protecting yourself and your partner(s) from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintentional pregnancy. This means utilizing contraception correctly and consistently and assessing your risk for STIs from sex (vaginal, anal, and oral) and intimate skin-to-skin contact. But it’s also about affirmative consent, body positivity and self-love, communicating openly with your partner(s), finding out what you like and what you don’t like, and being comfortable and confident in however you choose to express your sexuality.

Gynecological Visits

Regular gynecological visits are an important part of maintaining your overall health and taking responsibility for your reproductive and sexual health. The visit includes a review of your medical history, discussion of any symptoms or problems (such as irregular periods or vaginal discharge) and assessment of your need for contraception. An examination will be done, including necessary STI testing and cancer screening. A pelvic exam may or may not be necessary. This can be discussed with your clinician during the visit.


We offer a full range of contraceptive health services including:

  • Consultation: We work with you to determine which method of birth control is best suited to you and your lifestyle.
  • Prescriptions: If applicable, we provide prescriptions for hormonal contraception.
  • Insertion: We provide insertion of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) devices such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants (Nexplanon) as well as follow up visits, if needed.
  • Pregnancy Counseling: We provide counseling regarding pregnancy options, referrals for prenatal care, and referrals for pregnancy terminations.

Male Reproductive and Sexual Health 

We provide male genital exams, testing/treatment for STIs and evaluation of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Lactation Rooms

The Lactation Project, created and operated by registered nurses (RNs) at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, was designed to provide private, clean spaces for Rutgers students, staff, and faculty to breast feed/pump breast milk for the purpose of feeding their child(ren).

No forms or paperwork must be completed; however, please make sure to bring a valid Rutgers University ID.

The Project is available at the following locations:

Bunting Lounge, Douglass Student Center
Monday–Friday: 7:00am–1:00am
Saturday–Sunday: 10:00am–1:00am

Alexander Library, College Ave Campus
Sign in at the circulation desk.

Monday – Thursday: open 24 hours
Friday: closes at midnight
Saturday: 10:00am – midnight
Sunday: opens at 11:00am