Health Education and Promotion

For many, college is the first time you’re taking responsibility for your own healthcare needs. It could be the first time you have to decide if you need to see a doctor or the first time you make a medical appointment or decide to see a counselor.

It’s important to know what is and is not normal for your own body, to maintain a basic understanding of common medical conditions, and to develop a toolkit of coping mechanisms that work best for you in various situations.

Please note that these resources are not a substitute for professional medical or mental health services. If you have concerns or questions about your physical or mental health, please make an appointment with either Rutgers Student Health (RSH) or Counseling, Alcohol & Other Drug Assistance Program, and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).


Self-help resources such as apps, meditation, or guided exercises can be a great way to manage day-to-day stress or to use periodically when you feel overwhelmed. Learn more…

Health Promotion & Workshops

Workshops are facilitated by Student Peer Educators trained by Health Outreach, Promotion, and Education (HOPE). They can also be facilitated by professional staff when appropriate. Learn more…