CAPS Next Step

About Next Step

Next Step is a campus-based treatment program tailored to students who need more than traditional therapy. Students attend a combination of 2-4 psycho-educational groups and psychotherapy groups, have access to case management sessions, and attend weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy. Services are available as virtual (Zoom) or in-person. Recommendations are made based on assessments by our clinical staff.

Providing these services on campus allows many students to continue with their academics while also taking care of their mental health and building a sense of community.

Students with needs beyond the scope of the Next Step Program will continue to receive referrals to external higher levels of care. When they return to the University the Next Step Program can serve as a step-down program, providing students an appropriate and supportive option for transitioning back to campus life.

Group offerings include DBT, Process, Yoga, Study Space, Self-Compassion, Artistic Expression, Mind Body Healing, and more.

For more information or to find out how to refer a student to Next Step, call CAPS at 848-932-7884 (option 3).

To learn more check out our Welcome Packet by clicking here.

Benefits of the Next Step Program

  • No need for transportation other than the Rutgers’ buses.
  • Group schedules are designed to accommodate student schedules.
  • Treatment specializes in meeting the needs of college students struggling with mental health issues.
  • Case management services directly connect you to other supports such as Dean of Students, Office of Disability Services, Residence Life, VPVA, etc.
  • Warm, friendly, and supportive environment with other students who can relate to your struggles.