Immunizations & Allergy Shots

Rutgers Student Health is an official vaccine dispensary and provides a full range of vaccines.

For information related to current immunization guidelines, please visit the CDC website.

Immunization Requirements for Rutgers University 

All new and transfer students are required to comply with NJ State and University Immunization Requirements. The requirements and submission process can be found on the Student Immunization Website and in the Rutgers Immunization Portal.

Immunization Website Rutgers Immunization Portal

To review Frequently Asked Questions, please visit here.

For questions, please send a secure message in your immunization portal. If you don't have access to your immunization portal, please use the Contact Us form to reach your campus immunization specialist.

Allergy Injections

Allergy injections can be provided according to a prescribed schedule, with allergens and instructions provided by the patient’s private allergist.

Personal allergy serums that have specific written orders and are provided by the student may be refrigerated in the Health Centers and may be administered by registered nurses under the direction of the student’s personal allergist.

To ensure the safe administration of allergy shots, you will need to complete our allergy packet with information from your allergist including:

  • Concentration
  • Vial contents
  • Frequency of injections
  • Expiration date of serum
  • Late or missed injection directions

Rutgers Student Health Services will not administer injections without a completed allergy packet or administer injections if vials are inadequately labeled or if instructions are missing or incomplete.

Routine Immunizations

The following vaccines are available at Rutgers Health Services. Vaccine Information Sheets are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A Note About Flu Shots:

Getting an annual flu shot is important for everyone, including college students. All students, faculty and staff working or studying in any of Rutgers’ clinical health areas are required to receive a flu shot annually. Flu shots are available at Rutgers Students Health Centers and at special flu vaccination clinics on campus throughout the year. View clinic dates and times on our flu vaccine page.

Since the strain of the flu virus changes every year, annual vaccines are needed.

Travel Vaccinations

It is recommended that those people traveling be up to date with routine vaccinations as well as receive those that are specific to the destination.

The following travel vaccines are available at Rutgers Student Health. Vaccine Information Sheets are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).