Who Can Use Our Services

All students currently registered for classes (with the exception of distance learning, online only and continuing education students) are eligible to use Rutgers Student Health (RSH). Family members, faculty and staff are not eligible for treatment or services.

The medical and psychiatry services available through RSH on campus accept most insurance plans.

Students with NJ State Medicaid, NJ Family Managed Care Policies will receive basic healthcare at RSH but may need to be referred to their primary care physicians for certain immunizations, procedures or referrals.

For more information on the Student Health Insurance Plan, please visit Rutgers University Risk Management at www.riskmanagement.rutgers.edu/student-information.

Full-time Students (undergraduate and graduate)

All full-time students pay a health fee as part of their tuition and fees, which is used to support all services, programs, facilities, and serves as pre-payment for co-pays (where applicable) at RSH facilities throughout the campuses in the New Brunswick area.

Part-time Students

Registered part-time students (except for Medicaid/Medicare insurance holders, distance learning, online only, and continuing education students) are eligible to utilize all Rutgers Student Health.

Coverage and payment options will vary based upon insurance.

Part-time students (with the exception of international F1 and J1 Rutgers-Sponsored Visa Students) do not pay a health fee and are billed for their copay/insurance.

Alumni (students who have graduated)

Student who have graduated are not eligible to use Rutgers Student Health services. Spring graduates have access to Rutgers Student Health until the end of May in their graduating year. Winter graduates have access until December 24 of their graduating year.

Summer Session – Updated May 17, 2021

The summer health fee has been waived for 2021.

The student’s status should be checked through the Rutgers Enrollment Verification website (transcripts.rutgers.edu)

Continuing students not taking summer classes, can also utilize our services, if they pay the summer health fee. It is a one-time payment that can be paid at the time of the first visit.

Continuing students not taking summer classes who do not utilize our services will not be charged a summer fee.

The summer fee can be paid at secure.rutgers.edu/health/forms.

Authorization to Treat Minors

New Jersey State Law requires that parental permission be obtained in advance for the diagnosis/treatment of a minor. To provide consent to treat a minor who is your child or under your guardianship, you must fill out our Parent/Guardian Authorization Form. Completed forms can emailed, faxed, or mailed to:

Email: health@rutgers.edu

Fax: 732-932-8255

Mailing Address: Hurtado Health Center, 11 Bishop Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901