Make an Appointment

If you are experiencing a medical emergency: Dial 911 or call RUPD at 848-932-7211
Rutgers Student Health is not an emergency medical center.


Updated December 1, 1:19 pm

Please note: The Rutgers phone system cannot accept calls from blocked numbers. Please unblock your number prior to calling.


How to Make a Medical Appointment

By Phone


Medical appointments available at Hurtado Health Center at 11 Bishop Place on College Avenue Campus, Busch-Livingston Health Center at Hospital Road in Piscataway, and Cook-Douglass Health Center in the INFH building. 

Online Patient Portal  

If you are unable to find an appointment online, please call! We will do our best to assist you.

Services at all 3 Health Centers are open and available. 

How to Make a Counseling Appointment

By Phone


The main CAPS office at 17 Senior Street on the College Avenue Campus and Next Step at 185 Bevier Road on Busch Campus are open. Services are being offered via tele-health, phone, or in-person.