Peer Educators

Peer education builds on the idea that students learn best from their peers, especially about difficult or uncomfortable topics. Peer Educators are trained by the HOPE professional staff to engage their peers in relevant and relatable discussions on issues of health and wellness. Peer educators are trained in specific topic areas such as sexual health, alcohol & other drugs, nutrition, and mental health. Each peer education program has its own requirements, application, and training process.

If you have questions regarding any of the Peer Education programs, please contact HOPE at 848-932-1965.

Opportunities: Become a Peer Educator!

Sexual Health Advocates

Sexual Health Advocates (SHAs) provide tools and information to assist students in making informed, responsible decisions about sex, sexual health, contraception, and relationships. SHAs must interview for and enroll in Sexual Health Advocacy, 10-832-301, an academic and experiential course offered through Public Health. Upon successful completion of the course students become certified Peer Sexual Health Advocates and provide interactive outreach and workshops on campus and in the community.

Applications for Sexual Health Advocates are now closed.  Please click here for more information and to apply.

Students must interview for and enroll in 10-832-301, Sexual Health Advocacy, a sexual health education course which is taken in the spring semester.

Graduating seniors are not eligible for the course. An interview does not guarantee a place in the class.

Alcohol and other Drug Peer Educators 

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Peer Educators provide information, training, and education to help students make informed, responsible decisions regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. AOD Peer Educators must take Peer Education Advocacy, 10-832-262-01, an academic course offered during the fall semester through Public Health.

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Peer Mental Health Educators 

The Peer Mental Health Educators (PMHE) offer interactive outreach and workshops on topics related to mental health such as managing stress, time management, mental health myth & stigmas, sleep & tech health, compassion, and gratitude. New Peer Mental Health Educators are required to participate in five full days of training that takes place during the January break.

To apply for the PMHE 2025 Cohort click here. Applications are due by Friday, November 1st at 5pm.

If you have additional questions, please contact Nikita Cuvilje at

Nutrition Advocates 

Nutrition Advocates are a group of undergraduate peer educators majoring in Nutritional Science who provide interactive outreach events and workshops to help educate and promote better nutrition, health, and wellness habits on campus and in the community.

Nutrition Advocate applications are now open.  Please click here to apply.

SHADES Theater

SHADES Theater is an interactive, improvisational, multicultural peer theater ensemble. Students create, write, and perform scenes dealing with real-life issues – sexual health, relationships, use of alcohol and other drugs, racism, homophobia, body image, and more. Each performance includes a facilitated discussion between the actors (remaining in character) and the audience. Performances create an alternative way to talk openly about critical and often untouched issues. No acting experience is required to participate. Weekly rehearsals run on Fridays from 5 to 8 pm.

Auditions for SHADES are held at the start of every fall and spring semester and are open to all students regardless of prior acting experience.