Pharmacy Resources

If you previously filled your prescription through the Rutgers Student Health Pharmacy, it has been transferred to the Walgreens at 1 Robert Wood Johnson Place (located in RWJ/Barnabas Medical Center atrium) in New Brunswick. You may also transfer your prescription to another pharmacy of your choice. To do so, contact Walgreens at 732-246-1745.

Over-the-counter medications, such as Plan B, can be purchased at any pharmacy. You can also take advantage of the express delivery service outlined below if you have a prescription. Talk to your healthcare provider about obtaining a prescription for over-the-counter medications.

Local Pharmacies
Pick up your prescription at any pharmacy. See a listing of area pharmacies here.

Mail-Order Services
Many insurance prescription plans offer, and encourage, the use of mail-order services. Check with your insurance provider about coverage.

Walgreens Options
To make use of any of the Walgreens options, downloading their app is recommended. It allows you to scan a copy of your insurance prescription card to streamline the billing process and provides access to the status of your prescriptions. The delivery service outlined below require you provide a credit card through the app.

Tips on Using the Walgreens App

Express Delivery
To take advantage of this program, you must request Express Delivery through the Walgreens app. You will receive a text notification when your prescription is ready and your medication will be delivered the next day to your residence or on-campus mail location via FedEx. There is a $4.99 charge in addition to the cost of the medication for this service that will be charged to your credit card.

Express Pick-Up
If you enroll in Express Pick-Up text messaging via the Walgreens app, you will be sent a QR code when your prescription is ready. You can use it at a specially designated register at the pharmacy counter to make the process more efficient.

Don’t forget to look for discounts! Discount programs such as can provide coupons and identify the most affordable options. You will often need a prescription, even for over-the-counter products, to take advantage of discount programs and coupons.