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Masters of Social Work Internship Overview

Counseling, ADAP & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at Rutgers offers a Masters of Social Work (MSW) internship for students who are currently enrolled in a graduate social work program. CAPS offers multiple MSW internship placements. Typical annual placements offered are described below. All CAPS MSW interns will, at minimum, participate in one hour of individual supervision per week, and will attend a two-hour didactic seminar on Thursday afternoons.

MSW students interested in these training opportunities are encouraged to apply.

Clinical Social Work Internship

2 placements

This placement is appropriate for a second-year student who is in the Clinical Social Work track. Clinical MSW interns may provide weekly individual counseling, co-lead a psychotherapy group with a senior staff clinician, lead a CAPS workshop following extensive training, and perform alcohol and drug assessments. Interns with this placement may participate in community outreach programming. There may be opportunities to participate in specific clinical treatment programs (e.g. attend Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) treatment team meetings and co-lead a DBT group). Interns with this placement will participate in three weekly supervision sessions for a total of four supervision hours per week (individual supervision, group psychotherapy supervision, and alcohol/substance assessment supervision).

Alcohol and other Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Clinical Social Work Internship

1 placement

This is a Division of Addiction and Mental Health Services licensed placement for second-year Addiction Counselor Training (ACT) students. This placement meets the requirements for hours mandated by the licensing board for Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) hours, with supervision carried out by as licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) LCADC. Working with ADAP staff members, the intern will have the opportunity to develop assessment and diagnostic skills along the substance use continuum, receive training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing techniques, and work with both mandated and voluntary students who have substance use issues. There are also opportunities for group counseling experiences and outreach in a multidisciplinary environment.

This on-site placement requires three weekly supervision meetings for a total of four (4) hours per week: individual supervision, group psychotherapy supervision and alcohol/substance use assessment supervision.

College Support Program (CSP) Off-site Clinical Social Work Internship

1 or 2 placements

Under the task supervision of Pam Lubbers, CSP Coordinator, these MSW interns will serve various functions. Student will provide direct services to matriculated Rutgers students who are on the autism spectrum and assist with program implementation and development. The MSW interns will be required to develop an understanding of autism spectrum disorders, and behavior management and strategies, and to model appropriate social and executive function skills. These skills will be used to assist and support college-age students as they learn to navigate and integrate into the mainstream university.

Direct service activities include one-on-one meetings with students, case management, family meetings, and CSP group social events.

Program Development activities include: Assist with recruitment and training for peer mentors; facilitation of orientation for new CSP students; coordination of services between various campus departments (i.e. the Office of Disability Services, Career Services, Residence life, Leaning Centers, etc.); and planning, implementation, and evaluation of CSP group social events.

Cultural Centers/Collaborative Campus Partners Off-site Non-clinical Social Work Internship

Variable number of placements

CAPS typically partners with Rutgers University’s Cultural Centers (website) and other campus partners to provide training opportunities for MSW interns. These off-site placements would involve pairing with a task supervisor at the site of the internship, as well as providing clinical field instruction at CAPS. MSW interns with these placements typically assist the center in developing and facilitating programs related to mental health and wellness that meet the special needs of the population served at the particular site. MSW interns assist the center with assessing the needs of the students they serve, and they may provide supportive counseling to walk-in students and complete other duties as assigned.

Additional Information

For further questions or information, please contact:

Ellen “Shane” Uber, LCSW
Social Work Supervisor, CAPS
Rutgers University
17 Senior Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-7884
Fax: 732-932-8278