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Group Therapy

Group therapy is often the best way to work on problems, especially when the problems deal with issues about your relationships. Being a member of a group allows you to interact with peers who are not part of your everyday life. These interactions, along with those of the therapist, can give you useful feedback that you may not get from friends or family. Group is also a safe environment where you can safely try out different ways of interacting with others, such as initiating conversations or improving your listening skills.

The specific groups available each semester vary in theme and time commitment, but in recent semesters we have offered groups for students struggling with anxiety (including social anxiety), depression, emotional regulation, eating issues, grief and loss, sexual identity, and general interpersonal issues for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Summer 2024 Group Offerings

The first step in joining a group is to schedule a phone screening at 848-932-7884 to discuss what group may be right for you.



Monday 1:30-3:00pm (Virtual)

This group will support students living with a wide variety of chronic medical (physical) conditions. Each week the group will include education, practical tools for coping and managing life with an illness, opportunities for open discussion, sharing and processing experiences, and offering and receiving support. Participants will help and learn from each other on their journey toward a meaningful and connected life, with or without symptoms of chronic conditions. To get connected please call Student Health Services at 848-932-7402 or CAPS at 848-932-7884.



Wednesday: 1:00-2:30pm (In person at CAPS) 

Social anxiety is very common – probably more than you think. The good news is that you can overcome it! In this group you’ll learn what causes social anxiety and develop proven skills to change it. Students learn from and support each other in a non-judgmental and positive environment. To get connected please call 848-932-7884.



Tuesday: 1:00-2:30pm (In Person at CAPS)

Wednesday: 12:00-1:25pm (Virtual)

A skills-based group that equips students with tools needed in everyday life. The four main modules are taught: Core Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. To get connected please call 848-932-7884.



Tuesday:  3:00pm-4:30pm (Virtual)

This is a virtual space for student to give and receive support as they navigate the adjustments and challenges of being home for the summer. Some of these challenges may include: non-confirming families, conflictual relationships with parents, navigating family expectations and rules, and other issues. To get connected please call 848-932-7884.



Friday 1:00-2:30pm (In Person at CAPS) 

Interpersonal process groups aim to support students with any social or interpersonal concern (e.g., challenges making or keeping friends, difficulty trusting others and being vulnerable, family conflict). These groups involve reflecting on communication and relationship patterns, providing and receiving feedback, and practicing different ways of relating in the group space. These groups require a group screening and consistent attendance is encouraged. To get connected please call 848-932-7884.



Wednesday: 1:30-3:00pm (In person at CAPS)

This group is a semi-structured space for individuals who have experienced adverse events that have left an impact on their mental health. TREM involves engaging in creative activities and prompts to promote sharing, healing and support within a community. This group also provides psychoeducation around trauma and trauma symptoms. Some themes discussed include but are not limited to: self-soothing, self-empowerment, boundary maintenance and communication in relationships.





Monday: 11:30am-12:25pm (Virtual)

A group that includes mindfulness practices and activities aimed at taking holistic care of yourself. During the group, participants will learn about and practice skills that will reduce burnout, stress, and help connect with their mind and body. Activities will rotate each week. (Open to all CAPS)



Monday: 1:00-2:25pm (Virtual)

An unstructured group that allows students the space to explore patterns and behaviors needed to build and maintain healthy relationships. Students can be supported by peers in gaining new perspective on their challenges. (Open to all CAPS)


Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy and counseling at CAPS are interventions for college students who are experiencing depression, anxiety, loss, or situational difficulties such as adjusting to transition and change. The goal is to enhance the individual’s ability to manage their feelings and behaviors, make sound decisions, achieve personal goals, realize potential, and feel more in charge of their life.

The nature, approach, and concerns encountered in individual therapy vary greatly depending on the particular student’s issues and concerns. For college students going through significant developmental changes, individual therapy may be designed to address a particular challenge or to assist them gain insight to their current behaviors and feelings.


Uwill – Student Mental Health & Wellness

Uwill offers students free immediate access to teletherapy through its easy-to-use online platform. Uwill is a secure and convenient path to clinical services beyond CAPS’s office hours, including evenings and weekends. Click here to learn more.

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